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Book Review: AMC’s Best Day Hikes in Connecticut & Rhode Island

By Tom Richardson

Connecticut-based writer and outdoorsman Steve Fagin has traveled the world in pursuit of hiking and paddling adventures, but he still finds plenty to love about the outdoors in his southern New England home. Over the last few years, Fagin and fellow writers Rene Laubach and Charles W.G. Smith teamed up with the Appalachian Mountain Club to produce a comprehensive guide to hiking trails in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

These two states aren’t normally thought of as hiking destinations, but this book proves otherwise. Broken into easily digestible sections, the guide starts in the Highlands of western Connecticut and works east to the Rhode Island coast. Along the way, Fagin, Laubach, and Smith provide remarkably detailed descriptions of 60 trails, including what sorts of plants and animals you might encounter, interesting geographic features, historical notes, accessibility, and even whether dogs are allowed. Important notes of caution concerning drop-offs, slippery sections, and poison ivy are also included.

An at-a-glance summary at the end of each trail chapter provides info on distance, elevation, difficulty rating, and the estimated time it takes to complete the hike. Detailed maps show the route and important landmarks, parking areas, elevation, scenic overlooks, and distances. In short, everything you need to know before planning a trip.

As if that wasn’t enough, each chapter wraps up with interesting facts about the trail and the surrounding area, as well as suggestions on nearby restaurants to check out, local attractions, sites of historic interest, and state parks.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or an easy stroll with children, you’ll find a trail to fit your needs in this indispensable guide.

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