Canvas Cutter Dominator 2.0 Bedroll

Canvas Cutter makes a line of portable, low-profile bedrolls that set up in minutes and can be used in all conditions. Made from Teflon-treated (outer surface), PU-coated (inner) breathable marine canvas, the new Dominator 2.0 bedroll is waterproof and mildew-resistant, and is lighter and stronger than regular canvas. All seams and stitching are taped to prevent wicking of moisture from the outside. An improved zipper system features multiple sliders that allow for different venting options, and is protected by a wide zipper flat to keep out dirt and moisture. The Dominator’s nylon handle and straps are rated at 1,700 pounds.

To use, slide a sleeping pad and sleeping bag into the Dominator 2.0, zip it up, roll it up, and you have a light, portable, waterproof sleep shelter. When you’re ready to sleep, unroll the bedroll, insert the (optional) collapsible pole system, and climb inside.

The Dominator 2.0 Bedroll Bundle comes complete with a high-quality, dense foam pad and includes a choice of standard or full-length pole systems.


Dimensions: 84” long x 34” wide.

Color: khaki



$350 (Bedroll only)

$530 (Bedroll Bundle)