The filter spout makes it easy to fill bottles with small openings.

Platypus QuickDraw Water Filtration System

The Platypus QuickDraw Microfilter System draws upon the company’s decades of expertise in water filtration and hydration to produce one of the easiest, most-effective fill-and-squeeze portable water filters on the market—perfect for backwoods campers, day hikers, multi-day hikers, and others who need a lightweight, packable water-filtration solution.

The system comes in two parts: the durable, taste-free, one-liter QuickDraw reservoir and the hollow-fiber filter cartridge. Weighing just 3.3 ounces and filtering up to three liters per minute, the QuickDraw system ensures access to clean, parasite-free water, no matter how dirty the source.

To clean the filter, simply perform a tool-free backflush to ensure fast flow rates. The filter has a lifespan of some 1,000 liters, and new cartridges can be purchased separately.

The QuickDraw system includes the filter cartridge and the Platypus one-liter reservoir.

With its dual-thread design, the QuickDraw filter cartridge will screw on to most water bottles and other Platypus bottles and reservoirs. Design elements such as the attached clean-side cap and grippy filter housing eliminate frustrations such as water leakage, lost caps, and dirt-caked gear.

Price: $49.95