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Wanderlust Complete Hammock Camping Kit

The Wanderlust Complete Kit for Hammock Camping includes Wanderlust’s ultra-soft, low-stretch, 11-foot-long Zippered Bug Net Hammock, available in a variety of colors. The hammock is ready to hang, featuring Spectra continuous loops and ridgeline, carabiners, and a pair of ultralight daisy-chain suspension straps.


The kit also includes a sil-poly hexagonal Quest waterproof tarp, featuring an 11-foot ridgeline and offering ample coverage for the hammock, as well as any other gear stowed below. LineLoc hardware on all tie-out points make it simple to set up this rain fly.



  • Zippered Bug Net Hammock
  • Ultralight Hammock Suspension: Continuous Loops, Ridgeline, Carabiners, Ultralight Daisy Chain
  • Quest Tarp: Equipped with 12′ green reflective guyline at both ridgeline tie-outs & 6′ orange reflective guyline at all four perimeter tie-outs  
  • Knotless Tie-Out Package with LineLocs, and Titanium Clips
  • Aluminum Y-Stakes (4)
  • Matching Stake Stuff Sack
  • Stuff Sack for storing everything together in one convenient place

Kit Price: $230

Total Weight: 2.5 lbs.



  • Economy Burrow Standard Length and Width 20 degree comfort rating: Moroccan Blue Outer / Black Inner
  • Economy Incubator Standard Length 20 degree comfort rating: Moroccan Blue Outer / Black Inner
  • Both quilts ship with their own FREE individual storage sack and stuff sack
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