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Yakima EXO Gear-Transport System

The new EXO System from Yakima is a modular, tow-hitch-based system that adapts to any outdoor pursuit and fits a variety of vehicles, from small SUVs to full-size trucks.

The EXO SwingBase ($499) serves as the foundation of the system. It fits in a standard two-inch hitch receptacle and sports articulating arms that swing away from the rear of the vehicle, allowing total accessibility. Adding the EXO TopShelf attachment effectively doubles the capacity.

From there, the possibilities are almost endless thanks to the EXO Cleat, which allows for the tool-free interchange of gear mounts. The rest of the system includes seven additional attachments. You can create up to 20 unique configurations that evolve with your adventures.

EXO Elements

EXO SwingBase

The EXO SwingBase is the foundation for hauling and organizing every piece of gear in your kit. It’s the base to which all other EXO components attach. Simply leave it on your vehicle and change EXO components to adapt to your adventures.

EXO GearLocker

The EXO GearLocker gives you the functionality of a legendary Yakima roof-top cargo box with hitch-mounted ease of access. Easily removable, it’s perfect for hauling gear from your vehicle to the campsite, the beach or anywhere else.

EXO GearTote

EXO GearTotes are collapsible, dividable totes that make it easy to stay organized from house to vehicle to destination and back again. A durable ripstop nylon build, and 50-pound carrying capacity make them perfect for everything from groceries to gear.

EXO TopShelf

Adds a second tier of accessible storage. Mix-and-match EXO accessories to make any adventure easier.

EXO DoubleUp

The two-bike EXO DoubleUp attaches directly to the EXO SwingBase or to the second tier EXO TopShelf, allowing room for an EXO GearLocker or EXO GearWarrior below. Either way, it’s super easy access that accommodates anything you’re riding — fat tires to road bikes and everything in between.

EXO SnowBank

Getting your skis and boards to the slopes has never been easier with the new EXO SnowBank. Pair it with an EXO GearLocker to create customizable storage for everything you need. Carry up to five pairs of skis or four snowboards on the back of your vehicle.

EXO GearWarrior

The GearWarrior is perfect for transporting coolers, firewood and bulky gear. Simply attach it to the EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf. Add the available EXO WarriorWheels to turn the EXO GearWarrior into a handy wagon with wheels and a handle that can be attached while the EXO GearWarrior is still on your hitch.

EXO LitKit

The EXO LitKit ensures you are street-legal when using the Yakima EXO System. Simply attach to the EXO SwingBase arms to keep your plate and taillights visible, no matter your configuration.

EXO BackDeck

Whether you’re tinkering on your gear, prepping a meal or mixing drinks for a night of fun, the EXO BackDeck is the perfect solution, turning your EXO system from gear hauler to working surface to bar in seconds.


Price: System starts at $499 for SwingBase


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