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Scenic Stops: Huntington Cascades & Little Flume

By Tom Richardson; Photography by AJ Derosa

In Dixville Notch State Park, some 12 miles east of the town of Colebrook on Rte. 26, you’ll find several hiking trails suitable for families and beginner-level hikers. One of these is the Huntington Cascades trail, which is just 0.4 miles round-trip.

The trail starts at the Dixville Notch Wayside parking area (on the righthand side after passing through the Notch from the Colebrook side). At the trailhead you’ll find picnic tables and a latrine. The well-marked trail then passes through mixed pine and hardwood forest on a gradual incline with good footing. A wooden bridge spans Cascade Brook a short distance from the trailhead, providing a good spot for photography.

There are actually two sets of cascades, or waterfalls, along Cascade Brook. Of the two, the upper cascades are the more impressive, and comprise a series of falls that descend through along, deep ravine.

Just about a half-mile north of the Wayside Parking area is Dixville Flume (also commonly known as Baby Flume and Flume Brook Cascade). Here’s you’ll find a couple of picnic tables and an outhouse. The flume itself is mere steps from the parking area, and comprises a set of three steep drops through a narrow rock-lined ravine.

Both the Huntington Cascades and the Little Flume are well worth seeing, especially during the fall foliage season.

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