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Cape Cod Wetlands to be Restored

By Tom Richardson

The 90-acre Bayview Bogs (aka: the Cape Cod Hospital Bogs) in Yarmouth, MA, will be the focus of a restoration effort led by the MA Department of Fish & Game’s Division of Ecological Restoration. The goal of the project is to transform the blighted and overgrown bogs into a thriving wetland ecosystem. Doing so will enhance the area’s wildlife habitat, water quality, and resilience to coastal flooding.

The project site lies adjacent to Cape Cod Hospital, on the border of Yarmouth and Barnstable, and comprises approximately 50 acres of uplands and 44 acres of wetland (the former cranberry bogs comprise approximately 18.5 acres). Water enters the bogs through a culvert beneath Route 28 and exits beneath Park Avenue and into Lewis Bay. In recent years, the water quality of the bog system has become impaired due to road runoff, failed septic systems, obstructions, and overgrown vegetation, according to a press release issued by the Cape Cod Conservation District. 

The Bayview Bogs were originally created in the late 1800s.
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