Climbers Rescued from Cannon Mountain

NH Fish & Game reports that at approximately 10:30PM on Monday, July 4, the department was notified that two men had become stranded near the top of the Moby Grape climbing route on Cannon Cliffs in Franconia Notch.

According to a Facebook post on the NH F&G page, Gilman Coryell, 46, of Mount Vernon, ME, and David Roberts, 67, of Portland, ME, had planned to ascend the multiple-pitch route during the day but found themselves off the primary route near a location known as “the Cave.” Coryell and Roberts were tired, unsure of the route, and climbing in darkness when they placed a call to 911 requesting help.

After speaking with the two men and assessing their gear and the weather, officials determined that they would spend the night on the cliff and await rescue the following morning.

NH Conservation Officers and members of Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) responded on the morning of July 5 and were transported to the top of the cliffs via the Cannon Tram. The team bushwacked to a location just above the climbers and set an anchor point. With the anchor set, an MRS member climbed down to Coryell and Roberts and provided safety ropes for the pair. After climbing to safety, the group hiked down to the parking lot at approximately 12:00PM.