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Grant Awarded for New London's Alewife Cove Research

Kayakers paddle in Alewife Cove on a beautiful fall day. Photo Halsey Fulton

The Alewife Cove Conservancy has received a Long Island Sound Futures grant of $399,865, to be applied toward research that will hopefully allow dredging to take place on the recreationally and environmentally important waterway that borders New London and Waterford, CT. The cove, which supports a run of river herring and provides critical habitat for a variety of  birds and shellfish, was severely impacted by superstorm Sandy, which blew large amounts of sand into the waterway in 2012.

“This grant will help the partnership between the Town of Waterford, City of New London and the Alewife Cove Conservancy begin to realize their shared dream to revitalize this spectacular natural asset that is so loved by generations of our people,” said New London Mayor Michael Passero.

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