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Moose Attacks Sled Dogs in Maine

The moose attack happened in the village of St. David in northern Maine.

An adult cow moose attacked a kennel and a team of sled dogs in St. David, Maine, on Tuesday night, March 1. The incident began as 17-year-old Caleb Hayes and his father, Jonathan, were returning from a training run at night when the latter, who was riding a snowmobile ahead of the team, arrived at their property to find a cow moose rampaging in their kennel. “The moose was stomping puppies and bashing dog houses,” Jonathan told the Bangor Daily News.

When Caleb arrived with the sled-dog team, the moose attacked them as well. The Hayeses eventually obtained a gun from a neighbor, which Caleb used to shoot the animal, which was immobilized but not dead. A Maine Warden later put down the moose, and gave the Hayeses a tag so they could harvest the meat. None of the sled dogs were injured in the attack, nor is it clear why the moose attacked the kennel.

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