National Park Service to Lease Cape Cod Dune Shacks

Photo NPS
Talk about a unique Cape Cod vacation rental opportunity! The National Park Service is leasing eight historic dune shacks within the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS). The rustic shacks, located within the Peaked Hill Bars National Register of Historic District in Provincetown and Truro, are offered under a lease term of 10 years.

Interested parties must submit a written proposal to the NPS by July 3, 2023. Lease proposals will be evaluated on “overall merit,” according the NPS. “Evaluation criteria include compatibility of the proposed use of the property with respect to preservation, protection, and visitor enjoyment of Cape Cod National Seashore; the compatibility of the proposal with historic qualities of the property; the bidder’s financial capability of carrying out the terms of the lease; and the ability and commitment of the Offeror to conduct activities in the park area in an environmentally enhancing manner through, among other programs and actions, energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling.”

The proposal process is open to all interested persons and businesses. Information on the properties, leasing terms and conditions, and information on submitting proposals are available here. Site tours are available by appointment.

But before you get the idea that these properties will make an ideal summer retreat for the whole family, consider the following: The shacks will be leased “as-is with all faults.” The lessee is expected to occupy and maintain the shack in a “traditional manner,” and will be responsible for the cost and implementation of all repairs and replacements needed to occupy the building, including items such as roof replacement, carpentry repairs, and addressing any fire and safety-code issues. The lessee will also be required to perform routine maintenance on an as-needed basis. Any repair or rehabilitation work must be done in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties.

Access to the shacks is on foot or by 4×4 vehicle along the park’s Oversand corridor. There is limited running water, plumbing, and electrical fixtures in most of the shacks.

Federal regulation requires that the lessee pays, at minimum, fair market value rent which has been determined through a local market analysis and is identified in the proposal for each property.

Proposals must be submitted by July 3, 2023, at 5:00 pm EST.