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Boardwalk Allows Access to White Cedar Swamp in Sanford, ME

By Tom Richardson
The boardwalk and viewing platform was installed with minimal disturbance to the surrounding land. Courtesy Mousam Way Land Trust

The Sanford-Springvale Mousam Way Land Trust (MWLT) has announced the completion of a new boardwalk in the 27-acre Great Works Environmental Reserve, adjacent to Sand Pond and the North Berwick border in South Sanford, Maine. The trail system in the reserve is open from dawn to dusk, and can be accessed from the parking area off Great Works Drive in Sanford.

The new boardwalk and viewing platform provide access to a rare Atlantic white cedar swamp, which is essential habitat for several species, among them Maine’s endangered Hessel’s Hairstreak butterfly.

Building the boardwalk required minimal site and soil disturbance, according to the MWLT. The Geo Piles used to anchor and support the structure were installed with hand tools, eliminating the need to bring in heavy equipment. Additionally, prefabrication and offsite lumber cutting minimized sawdust.

The boardwalk will extend the MWLT’s mission of promoting environmental awareness, education and outreach to the public, youth groups, and school classes to experience the unusual natural communities found in the Sanford area. The Mousam Way Land Trust will occasionally offer interpretive tours of the property.