Trustees of Reservations Acquires Becket Quarry in Berkshires

By Tom Richardson
The Becket Quarry trails will be upgraded by the Trustees. Photo David Stein

The Trustees of Reservations has announced the acquisition of Becket Quarry and Historic Forest in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

The 300-acre property in Becket is the former site of the Chester-Hudson Granite Quarry, which ceased full operations in the 1940s. It was acquired by the Becket Land Trust just over 20 years earlier, and was visited by more than 14,000 people in the last year, according to TOR.

Planned improvements to Becket Quarry property include work on the extensive trail system, signage updates, and upgrades to the main access trail.

The transfer follows a $270,000 capital campaign jointly undertaken by the Becket Land Trust and TOR to provide a modest endowment and to fund property stewardship costs.