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Winter Snowfall Lacking in New England

The amount of snowfall received during the winter of 2023-24 was far below average, which made it a challenging year for ski areas and other recreational sectors that depend on snow. Indeed, this was one of the warmest winters in decades in many parts of New England, and many ski resorts are shutting down earlier than hoped. According to the ski report website On the Snow, snowpack levels across New Hampshire are currently 59% below normal, while levels in Maine are 56% below normal.

Here are some annual snowfall numbers from around New England compared to the average snowfall, according to the Boston Globe.

  • Burlington, VT: 31.2” (avg. 61.9”)
  • Concord, NH: 30.7” (avg. 45.2”)
  • Manchester, NH: 23” (avg. 31.9”)
  • Wachusett Mountain, MA: 30-40” (avg. 50”)
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