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Evening Swim: Moose on Wyman Lake in Bingham, Maine

Videography by AJ Derosa

We see some pretty amazing things while filming episodes of Explore New England, many of which we are able to capture on film. One of the most memorable events occurred while filming our episode on Bingham, Maine, in fall of 2019. On the very last evening of the shoot, Scott Newton of 201 Powersports was showing us a remote waterfall on Wyman Lake when suddenly host Tom Richardson looked up and noticed something in the water.

“While we were filming the waterfall, we kept hearing the sound of branches breaking in the woods along the shore, but couldn’t see anything amid the dense trees,” recalls Richardson. “I remember asking Scott if it could be a moose, and how great it would be to film one, but then the noises stopped and we simply continued filming our conversation as we slowly left the cove and headed back to the dock. AJ (Derosa) was filming us talking at the helm and had his back turned to the water, when suddenly I saw something up ahead. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a freaking bull moose—right in front of us!”

Cameraman AJ Derosa spun around and captured the scene as Scott slowly idled forward, while maintaining an appropriate distance so as not to panic the animal. The moose continued across the cove before emerging from the water and disappearing into the dark woods with barely a sound!

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