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Great North Woods Winter

By Tom Richardson; Videography by A.J. Derosa
The Great North Woods of New Hampshire (also called the North Country Region) doesn’t shut down in winter. In fact, it may see more visitors than the summer months. From ice fishing to snowmobiling, cross-country skiing to snowshoeing, the region offers plenty of fun outdoors activities to keep an individual or family busy—and active—through the cold months.
In early January, Explore New England’s Tom Richardson and filmmaker A.J. Derosa returned to Great North Woods to capture more footage for the upcoming one-hour film on the Great North Woods. The film is called “Seeking the Source,” and it examines the region through a variety of outdoors adventures over the course of a year. Along the way, the audience also learns about the history, culture and the people who make this beautiful part of New England unique.
The accompany short trailer for the film features a taste of snowmobiling, a brief look at the logging history that shaped the region, a nature-watching snowshoe trek with photographer Peter Gray and a visit to Rivervail Farm, where bison and elk roam the snowy fields.
Look for “Seeking the Source” to debut later this year on NESN. We’ll keep you posted!