It's a Challenge: Birding in Rangeley, Maine

Videography by AJ Derosa
From migratory warblers to resident species, Rangeley-based wildlife photographer Leadley never tires of chasing birds with his camera, and he has amassed a collection of stunning images from a life spent in the woods and fields of western Maine. In this short film, Leadley leads an expedition in search of spring migrants on the rugged logging roads of Rangeley, during a magical time of year when the region is coming to life. And while it’s not easy to capture images of tiny birds on the move, the sounds and sights of nature are readily available to any visitor.
Packing his "big glass", Nick Leadley scans the trees for potential subjects.

Of course, birding and bird photography aren’t the only outdoor activities available in this beautiful part of Maine. Some four hours from Boston, the Rangeley Lakes Region is a vast playground for those who enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, paddling, snowmobiling, and more! Plus, there are numerous places to eat, drink, and spend the night.

To learn more about Nick Leadley Nature Photography, check out his website or visit his gallery in downtown Rangeley. Leadley has published several books of his work, and also offers photography workshops.

Nick Leadley leads the way on a bird-photography expedition.