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Take It With You

Videography by Camden Spear

If you only know coastal Maine for its seafood restaurants, lobster boats, lighthouses, and tourist shops, you might be surprised to learn that it boasts a thriving surfing scene, one that locals enjoy year-round. The southern portion of the state’s shoreline in particular offers gently sloping beaches and underwater structure, not to mention exposure to the open Atlantic, that combine to produce dependable swells and breaks.


Tomas Wiley catches a winter wave on the Maine coast.

It was here, in 1964, that Tomas Wiley began his surfing career. Now, at 80 (as of 2024), the man widely considered to be the godfather of Maine winter surfing is still going strong!

Tomas Wiley (in 2023) scans the ocean.

Get to know a bit about Wiley and his surfing passion by watching the accompanying short film, filmed and edited by Camden Spear.

Winter surfing is a spiritual endeavor for many surfers.
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