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Welcome to the Kennebec Valley Region

The Kennebec Valley Region has long served as a paradise among those seeking natural beauty and outdoors adventure. Hunters, hikers, and fishermen have long enjoyed the woods and waters of this region, but more recently it has drawn rafters, kayakers, snowmobilers and ATV riders.

Many aquatic activities are centered on the mighty Kennebec River, which flows through the region. Whitewater rafting and kayaking are popular along certain stretches, and numerous companies specialize in these exciting pursuits. Some also offer lodging and dining.

The region is hugely popular among those who wish to explore the outdoors by ATV and snowmobile, as well on snowshoes and skis. In warmer weather, boating and paddling can be enjoyed on the many lakes and ponds, such as Wyman Lake and Moxie Pond.

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