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Fishing Family

Take a party boat trip with Al Gauron’s Deep-Sea Fishing and learn about the Gaurons’ long history of taking people fishing out of Hampton, New Hampshire.
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Jewels of the West Branch

A drift-boat fly fishing trip along the West Branch of the Penobscot River with guide Dan Legere yields treasure in the form of wild landlocked salmon and brook trout.
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Easy 4-Step Ice Fishing Fish Fry

How to enjoy fresh-fried trout—on the ice.
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Book Review: Fly Fishing the Hex Hatch by Leighton Wass

Expert advice on how, where, and when to experience New England’s storied mayfly hatch.
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Fishing Cape Cod’s Kettle Ponds

Enjoy fast action with largemouth bass and more in the Cape’s numerous freshwater ponds.
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Book Review: Seasons of the Striper: Pursuing the Great American Game Fish By Bill Sisson

A beautifully written tribute to one man’s obsession with our most democratic game fish.
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Day at the Office: Fly Fishing the Upper Connecticut

Learn why northern New Hampshire fishing guide Bill Berhardt’s job never gets old!
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The Fishin’ is Easy: Block Island Variety Fishing

When it comes to fishing hot spots, few places can top Block Island!
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