Outdoor Heritage

Learn about the Rangeley Region’s long ties to the natural world at this fascinating museum.
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Fishing Family

Take a party boat trip with Al Gauron’s Deep-Sea Fishing and learn about the Gaurons’ long history of taking people fishing out of Hampton, New Hampshire.
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Jewels of the West Branch

A drift-boat fly fishing trip along the West Branch of the Penobscot River with guide Dan Legere yields treasure in the form of wild landlocked salmon and brook trout.
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Tag along with Kim Gaffett of the Nature Conservancy as she attends to her annual fall bird-banding duties on Block Island, a critical stop for many migratory species.
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A Special Place to Surf

Meet David Cropper, owner of Cinnamon Rainbows, and learn why Hampton, NH, has become such a popular surfing venue.
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Visiting the B52 Memorial Site, Greenville, ME

This somber memorial to the 1963 crash of a military plane can be accessed by ATV, snowmobile, car, truck, or on foot.
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It’s a Challenge: Birding in Rangeley, Maine

Follow the spring migration of birds in the Rangeley Lakes Region with professional nature photographer Nick Leadley.
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Resourceful: Exploring the Blackstone River

The first industrialized river in America, the Blackstone is beginning a new chapter in its long and twisting saga.
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Block Island Spring Paddle

Appreciate a different side of Block Island on a kayak trip through the Great Salt Pond as the marine world is coming to life.
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